the site is being set up to 

  • Give Ideas for meditation
  • Get to know the meaning of the Prayers
  • Make it easy learn the rosary

In the "public" menu "The Rosary" Menu item takes you to the rosary program there are three areas "Select View","Customize" and "Pray View"

"Select View" gives you to pray any of the mysteries. The default mysteries are those recommended by Blessed John Paul when he was the Pope for each day of the week. You can choose to pray one mystery or the whole twenty mysteries.

"Customize" gives you the ability to choose what prayers you want to include and what meditations currently I have only one set of meditations for each mystery I hope to have others in the future. The default announces the mysteries and has the normal beginning and end prayers the meditations are turned off by default. You can choose to have the meditations before the mysteries, before the Hail Mary or after Jesus in the middle of the Hail Mary(I am working on this meditation) you can also have all of the meditations play this does increase the length of the rosary.

"Pray View" this area is where it all comes together all the selections that you chose in the earlier views will play after you press "Pray" (please wait a short time before pressing "Pray" the program is loading the sounds and the prayers and meditations) If you need to take a break you can press "Pause" you will start at the beginning of the prayer or meditation that was interrupted. The "End " button ends the prayer session.