Mystery Meditation

the jews want to have Jesus put to death Pilot first tries to appease them by having Jesus scourged. It is for my sins that this is happening. Jesus submits himself to this torture. He does the will of the father. When we meet adversity for our faith let us also do the will of the Father.

Before Hail Mary
  1. When I Sin I cause an increase in Jesus's suffering
  2. His flesh is rent for my inequities
  3. Pilot the worldly power is ruled by fear
  4. Jesus in the face of torture is at peace
  5. My Kingdom is not of this world
  6. Do I follow His example of surrender to the will of the Father
  7. His willingness to suffer to bring others to the Father
  8. Pilot does this wrong so as not to have to crucify Jesus
  9. May I not choose to do a wrong that a good may happen
  10. Jesus shows us true love is the willingness to suffer for the beloved
John 19:1
Then Pilate took Jesus and had him scourged.
matthew 27:26
Then he released Barabbas to them, but after he had Jesus scourged, 14 he handed him over to be crucified
mark 15:15
So Pilate, wishing to satisfy the crowd, released Barabbas to them and, after he had Jesus scourged,
luke 23:16-24
Therefore I shall have him flogged and then release him." But all together they shouted out, "Away with this man! Release Barabbas to us." (Now Barabbas had been imprisoned for a rebellion that had taken place in the city and for murder.) Again Pilate addressed them, still wishing to release Jesus, but they continued their shouting, "Crucify him! Crucify him!" Pilate addressed them a third time, "What evil has this man done? I found him guilty of no capital crime. Therefore I shall have him flogged and then release him." With loud shouts, however, they persisted in calling for his crucifixion, and their voices prevailed. The verdict of Pilate was that their demand should be granted.